evilprogrammer's mexican



9:43 PM 08/25/2019




This is a very easy flag, i made with love for you, there are two ways to resolve it. I hope you will have fun.

juansacco on 1:35 PM 08/28/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro} Thanks for sharing!

kareemwalid on 6:13 AM 09/01/2019: j

kareemwalid on 6:14 AM 09/01/2019: asja

Parad0x13 on 1:29 AM 09/05/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro} Break somewhere during normal execution then set eip to 0x401500 Then break directly after printf

totothetoro on 9:53 PM 09/10/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rr0}

qbao on 1:31 PM 09/13/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

3rr0r on 1:54 PM 09/16/2019: You can only patch this crackme and see the flag flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

b1h0 on 11:14 PM 09/19/2019: Finding the flag is easy. Many people have already put it here. But it is best to patch it to see that the flag is displayed. I just uploaded my solution (the first in this reversing). Even so, I think there is an error, because the flag does not write a \ 0 at the end of the string and a memory leak appears.

0x4186 on 10:06 AM 09/21/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

meisborn on 3:44 AM 09/27/2019: thanks

karupoiss00 on 12:26 PM 09/28/2019: It's very easy :D I found flag across 5 clicks of mouse. M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro

X3eRo0 on 5:27 AM 10/05/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

b1h0 on 2:40 PM 10/05/2019: I see that my solution is published, but as I accompanied it with images it is perhaps not very clear. If someone is interested in seeing the whole process I have it published on Github.

kosciej on 8:38 PM 10/06/2019: Thank you - My first crack from a very long time :) I have patched file to see flag on terminal :) on 11:23 AM 10/10/2019: what is the password of the extraction though?

mucomplex on 1:20 PM 11/05/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

niros on 5:16 AM 11/12/2019: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

Mazleg on 4:48 PM 11/12/2019: What is the password to extract the crackme?

TheSkyBaron on 7:16 PM 11/12/2019: ı enjoyed making my first patch flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3_pl3rro}

Crossy1998 on 11:08 PM 11/17/2019: Flag: flag{M3x1c4nMl4lw4r3-pl3rro}