Yuri's Simple Keygen



2:08 AM 01/01/2019


Unix/linux etc.


64 bit ELF keygen. Understand the algorithm, write a keygen for it

indigo on 11:40 PM 01/03/2019: To me as a beginner, this was just about the right difficulty. Could probably even be difficulty 1. Definitely fun!

s4r on 8:44 AM 01/04/2019: I modified the difficulty, thanks for the feedback

Tritone on 5:30 PM 01/08/2019: This was a lot of fun as a beginner. Thanks!

mosh on 1:00 PM 01/11/2019: really enjoy it, thank you

ekalien on 12:28 PM 01/14/2019: anybody knows what's the password?

mosh on 5:32 PM 01/15/2019: @ekalien you have solutions on the right

Gifroy on 1:18 PM 01/27/2019: Alright, finally solved it! This was my very first crackme. It took me a good 5 hours to solve but I learned a lot of basics in the progress (including researching x86 assembly, debugging tools etc). Thanks!

zer0sun on 4:45 AM 02/03/2019: 1212121212121212 长度是16个字符串,并且从offset 0开始的每2个字符串差1

tanmaybhushan on 8:11 PM 02/12/2019: *c = char of Rand(0-100) len = 0 while len

tanmaybhushan on 8:12 PM 02/12/2019: Increment of previous character and length of 16, no place to upload solution.

cIsForCookies on 10:46 PM 02/14/2019: Nice one! was my first try at a crackme and took me about an hour to get a good serial, though I haven't cracked it entirely. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, Thx!

cmasterisk on 9:27 AM 02/16/2019: ./SimpleKeyGen $(python -c 'print "AB"*8')

wirehack7 on 7:12 PM 02/24/2019: What is the password of the archive? It's missing in description

tenghaooo on 11:54 AM 03/07/2019: Who wants to know what the password is, please read FAQ first

Foxar on 3:43 PM 04/04/2019: Quick and easy, perfect for beginners. Example serial codes: abababababababab bcbcbcbcbcbcbcbc cdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd dededededededede efefefefefefefef

Sn0kr45h on 2:10 AM 04/30/2019: Thanks for the good puzzle Yuri. It took me about 3 hours to figure out the algorithm without looking at answers. Sometimes the disassemblers make some really funky code, but with debugging and observation the answer becomes pretty apparent with patience. Writing a keygen that works with it was also quite fun and simple.

oscar on 3:40 PM 06/01/2019: Very fun, enjoyed trying to understand the serial checking algorithm. Wish I hadn't read the comments as they kind of spoil it.