Yuri's Simple Keygen



2:08 AM 01/01/2019


Unix/linux etc.


64 bit ELF keygen. Understand the algorithm, write a keygen for it

indigo on 11:40 PM 01/03/2019: To me as a beginner, this was just about the right difficulty. Could probably even be difficulty 1. Definitely fun!

s4r on 8:44 AM 01/04/2019: I modified the difficulty, thanks for the feedback

Tritone on 5:30 PM 01/08/2019: This was a lot of fun as a beginner. Thanks!

mosh on 1:00 PM 01/11/2019: really enjoy it, thank you

ekalien on 12:28 PM 01/14/2019: anybody knows what's the password?

mosh on 5:32 PM 01/15/2019: @ekalien you have solutions on the right

Gifroy on 1:18 PM 01/27/2019: Alright, finally solved it! This was my very first crackme. It took me a good 5 hours to solve but I learned a lot of basics in the progress (including researching x86 assembly, debugging tools etc). Thanks!

zer0sun on 4:45 AM 02/03/2019: 1212121212121212 长度是16个字符串,并且从offset 0开始的每2个字符串差1

tanmaybhushan on 8:11 PM 02/12/2019: *c = char of Rand(0-100) len = 0 while len

tanmaybhushan on 8:12 PM 02/12/2019: Increment of previous character and length of 16, no place to upload solution.

cIsForCookies on 10:46 PM 02/14/2019: Nice one! was my first try at a crackme and took me about an hour to get a good serial, though I haven't cracked it entirely. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, Thx!

cmasterisk on 9:27 AM 02/16/2019: ./SimpleKeyGen $(python -c 'print "AB"*8')

wirehack7 on 7:12 PM 02/24/2019: What is the password of the archive? It's missing in description

tenghaooo on 11:54 AM 03/07/2019: Who wants to know what the password is, please read FAQ first

Foxar on 3:43 PM 04/04/2019: Quick and easy, perfect for beginners. Example serial codes: abababababababab bcbcbcbcbcbcbcbc cdcdcdcdcdcdcdcd dededededededede efefefefefefefef