Silva97's login-cipher



12:26 AM 10/24/2019


Unix/linux etc.


ELF64 program. You have to insert the correct password. To submit your solution, explain what you did to get the password or write a script to decrypt it. Don't patch! Your hand go break if you do it.

BinaryNewbie on 9:30 PM 11/10/2019: Done, i will publish my solution soon. It isn't lv3, it's lv2, but nice crackme at all.

BinaryNewbie on 9:33 PM 11/10/2019: cat password.txt |./login Don't patch it! Insert your password: Correct!

drunkenmyno on 1:13 PM 11/21/2019: Breakpoint on 0x555555555434: cmp DWORD PTR [rbp-0x4],eax Comapre each byte with cipher or use decrypt Routine [root@web ~]# cat ciper.txt | ./login Don't patch it! Insert your password: Correct! [root@web ~]#

Mukesh on 5:21 AM 11/25/2019: Any one say please how to change ELf File to normal understanding file or source code file .

Vadym on 11:26 AM 12/21/2019: I found password, but I can't find button to submit solution. Then, you can upload your solution on the crackme page. How can I do it ? Or simply leave comment ?

Vadym on 11:32 AM 12/21/2019: I found tab "Solution"