mucki's crackme9 by mucki



1:28 PM 05/03/2019




This is my 9th crackme (keygenme), written in MASM. - create a keygen - and submit a tutorial tested on WinXP SP1 but should also work on other windows os. Source included. Password is the valid serial for mucki. Regards, mucki

S01den on 9:05 PM 05/25/2019: SPOILER: Are you sure this is possible ? I don't know how to get EAX = 0 with 00401A66 |. XOR EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[40711A] 00401A6C |. DIV EAX 00401A6E |. OR EAX,EAX because EDX is constant (0x40711B). Thanks

mucki on 1:31 PM 05/26/2019: Yes, this is possible. Hint #1: It's a self debugging crackme. You must call the master process at this point. Hint #2: Use character '=' to fill the gap.

x0r19x91 on 1:11 AM 05/27/2019: I got EAX = 0

x0r19x91 on 1:11 AM 05/27/2019: But ArithMetic Exception

x0r19x91 on 1:13 AM 05/27/2019: It would have been better if there was a discord channel

x0r19x91 on 2:06 AM 05/27/2019: Solved It ! It was a nice crackme :-) Thanks

Elvis on 9:25 AM 05/28/2019: Hmm I have found out the idea. Nice crackme BTW :)

Elvis on 10:03 AM 05/28/2019: Hmm you forgot deleting the function at 0x4014A8. Using this function I was able to generate my own valid serial :) Elvis/6nNx9Q============

mucki on 2:26 PM 05/28/2019: I'm glad you liked it. I just used standard stuff (crc32/base64) so I thought a base64 encoder would be nothing special (you can even find online encoders).

HN1 on 4:34 PM 05/30/2019: =============================================================== Username: HN1 Serial: JJgTQa============ ===============================================================

HN1 on 5:40 PM 05/30/2019: =============================================================== Username: mucki Serial: WfVo/A============ ===============================================================