Keller's patch_the_login


Borland Delphi

7:13 PM 04/11/2019




I coded this app in 2007 and gave it a pro to protect it against reverse engineering and bypassing the login system. Since I don't have the original source code anymore, I'm curious about solutions to see my old application again. Hints: - The underlying application is written in C# - The pro has apparently packed it into a Delphi application - PATCHING is explicitly allowed (if the login system is bypassed, a big form opens) - Bonus point for: Extract the embedded C# program (.NET executable or DLL)

Phemis on 3:50 PM 04/19/2019: I was only able to unpack Download :

Keller on 8:29 PM 04/21/2019: Phemis, thank you for your participation. I deobfuscated the file you unpacked and it is the "ezencryption_lib.exe", part of the .NET obfuscator "Eziriz.NET Reactor". Now we know which obfuscator was used here back in 2007. However, this packed file does not seem to contain the actual program, only stuff related to the obfuscator.

Phemis on 2:04 PM 05/01/2019: Nice :)) Patched :

Phemis on 2:11 PM 05/01/2019: I gave the wrong file sorry :(

Keller on 2:34 PM 05/01/2019: Confirmed, working. Good job! I would really appreciate a solution explanation, this can be added via the "Solutions" tab here

Phemis on 2:55 PM 05/01/2019: First I dumped with megadumper then patched :))

HempDay420 on 2:44 PM 05/09/2019: Hey Phemis can i ask you if you have something to contact you i have some questions about reading Dump and so on im New in Reversing i dumped in MegaDumper too but dont know what make next

Phemis on 3:04 PM 05/09/2019: I'll upload a tutorial video soon

HempDay420 on 5:01 PM 05/09/2019: have you Youtube channel Name pls or somethink

HempDay420 on 8:08 PM 05/09/2019: Phemis can you pls make videos in 720p or HD i must concentraining very hard to read something in 240p And i have a question you can make video about this patch_the login crack me and some anti dump techniques

Phemis on 11:26 AM 05/10/2019: Ok.. soon..

Phemis on 4:55 PM 05/17/2019: Tutorial Video :

HempDay420 on 8:06 AM 05/25/2019: Phemis you can give me something to contact you my exe is a delphi protected exe but no packer detector detects it as packed or something

Phemis on 1:25 PM 05/25/2019: HempDay420 , contact me :