HN1's Crackme 1: Get The Password



5:28 PM 03/19/2019




The task is to find the password.

krcenov on 4:47 PM 03/20/2019: Really fun! I made a keygen for this, check out the solutions. Anyway this was real nice, a little hint:"There are a lot more than 1 passwords"

rain on 5:25 PM 03/20/2019: Nice crackme! Posted detailed solution :)

darkcrow on 12:29 PM 03/21/2019: Great crackme! I am a beginner in reversing, and it was very simple to find a password. My next step is to write a keygen to this. One more time, congrats for the challenge!

kalipo on 11:43 AM 03/31/2019: HaVf3z8AA2

c0b01d on 2:54 AM 04/16/2019: Nice Crackme, Ghidra sometimes gives me a hard time decompiling tho. Here are some keys: |XVx"{]5F2 IaVm,|tK!2 n.Vm*}J6#2 ~EV{!}DK,2 h4Vw*},\2 S1Vh |iFa2 L V|!{|:i2 wPV~0~P=92 y2V})|l=e2 m(Vm"~y (2 I also made a keyGen: I would also appreciate if someone knows a cleaner way to code something like this.

x0r19x91 on 6:29 AM 04/18/2019: Very easy crackme, using a FSM. Here are some keys aaVf!zh9i2 aaVf!zh9j2 aaVf!zh9k2 aaVf!zh9l2 aaVf!zh9m2 aaVf!zh9o2 aaVf!zh9p2 aaVf!zh9q2 aaVf!zh9r2 aaVf!zh9s2 aaVf!zh9t2 aaVf!zh9u2 aaVf!zh9v2 aaVf!zh9w2 aaVf!zh9x2 aaVf!zh9y2 aaVf!zh9z2 aaVf!zh9!2 aaVf!zh9@2 aaVf!zh9#2 aaVf!zh9$2 aaVf!zh9%2 aaVf!zh9^2 aaVf!zh9&2 aaVf!zh9*2 aaVf!zh9(2 aaVf!zh9)2

Flyour on 3:56 PM 04/28/2019: Enter password: HkVf3z8MQ2 Password is correct! ;)

coyote_0x90 on 2:13 AM 05/22/2019: this key works: HaVf3z8AA2

joustermoha on 4:14 PM 05/22/2019: This was a nice crackme. My working key was: HeVg2z8Mg2

roneeh on 6:49 AM 05/27/2019: My attempt at a keygen :] Written in C#

miclis on 8:12 AM 06/13/2019: It's a nice one. Having a lot of fun solving it. I created a Python script which generates correct keys:

evilprogrammer on 5:28 AM 07/15/2019: i'm a beginner on assembly language but with this program i learnt too much. thanks a lot i had a lot of fun. here is a key =): HlVg3z

juansacco on 8:26 AM 10/22/2019: Enter password: HVVf3z8M22 Password is correct! ;)

Studiosi on 11:26 PM 11/09/2019: I wrote a writeup and tutorial here: