saduz's visual c++ crackme



10:55 PM 12/21/2018




This is my first crackme

darky1337 on 2:17 PM 12/31/2018: insterted a breakpoint at sprintf and got the key key: 832071

Phemis on 5:04 PM 12/31/2018: Name :phemis | RegNum :1933360

MrShy on 7:52 PM 01/03/2019: It's easy, for beginers. User: MrShy - Pass: 1032325

juansacco on 11:36 AM 01/09/2019: Found it! Username: aaaa Password: 1132463 .text:00401215 lea esi, [esp+110h+password] ; Load Effective Address .text:00401219 mov eax, offset password

Ultimation on 3:58 PM 01/09/2019: Finished - Keygen solution in c# ---- Code Begin ----- var key1 = 0; var uname = Environment.UserName; Console.Write("Enter name:"); var name = Console.ReadLine(); foreach (var c in uname) { key1 += (byte)c +100000; } foreach (var c in name) { key1 += (byte)c + 100000; } key1 += 0x7A69; Console.WriteLine($"Key: {key1}"); ------ Code End ------

K2000 on 1:10 AM 01/14/2019: Name: 1 Reg: 832122

K2000 on 1:19 AM 01/14/2019: Phemis , MrShy and juansacco have the wrong codes. Their codes are not working.

K2000 on 1:48 AM 01/14/2019: You can also try Name: aaaa RegNum: 1132461

mosh on 5:11 PM 01/15/2019: really enjoy it, thank you, i think it's probably level 2, as you can see most of the comments are wrong.

Anish on 10:45 AM 01/24/2019: Done not take much time i dont know how i did this but did :D name :- 004D0590 Reg num :- 1732581

K2000 on 3:25 AM 01/26/2019: Anish , your registration number is not working. Try : Name: 004D0590 RegNum: 1532495

gmy77 on 2:07 PM 01/28/2019: Username: gmy77 Reg.Num: 1032327 Easy to find... this crackme is a nice start.

Phemis on 6:33 PM 01/30/2019: K2000 tutorial video is here :

Phemis on 7:00 PM 01/30/2019: K2000, keygen is here:

GUERRIEX on 2:21 PM 02/03/2019: whats the zip password ?

Phemis on 4:40 PM 02/03/2019: GUARRIEX read the faq.

GUERRIEX on 5:22 PM 02/03/2019: Thank you Phemis

reverflotz on 7:52 PM 02/15/2019: what is the password for the zip file ???

reverflotz on 7:54 PM 02/15/2019: Never mind I read the faq

madlogik on 3:01 AM 02/22/2019: Changing the push data from "Try Again" to the serial makes a bad try a keygen straight to the messagebox ;) (In the try again change the push from : PUSH 405034 to: PUSH 19F744 ) madlogik 1232564

zaturion on 6:28 PM 02/26/2019: Hey guys, this was my first CrackMe I solved and I wondered about your comments because they are all wrong, or atleast partially wrong. The solution is: 1. convert your Windows-Username to ASCII-Code, sum them up and add (X*100000) where X is the usernames length in characters. 2. Repeat Step 1. for the name you have chosen in the crackme.exe 3. Add both sums together and add "31337" Thanks for the riddle, was really fun and took me some hours as I just began researching reversing :)

thoonline on 3:12 PM 03/08/2019: zaturion - agree with you.

TheBrokenWasp on 7:33 PM 06/11/2019: How come everybody make keygens? I mean I just found and removed the key cheek so I can type in anything I want :S

TheBrokenWasp on 7:38 PM 06/11/2019: Nevermind I just read the faq... Where would I find programs designed to be patched?