cbm-hackers's easy_reverse



6:54 AM 09/01/2018


Unix/linux etc.


an easy crackme

fack on 3:04 PM 09/10/2018: this challange is under-rated atleast 2 by me

kellek on 1:42 PM 09/15/2018: I have to disagree with fack. The level for this particular crackme is just fine. As long as you are able to read basic asm operations you should be just fine.

jimsktsmith on 2:14 PM 09/15/2018: password?

f00 on 7:15 AM 09/23/2018: bro that add rax, 4 had me confused lol there is a shorter way to do that. was a good learning experience tho thanks

cbm-hackers on 6:21 AM 09/25/2018: fack this is a easy challange that is why i named it easy_reverse and give it level 1..

WiK on 2:12 PM 10/05/2018: Fin

sourmonday on 2:20 PM 10/09/2018: @jimsktsmith

tornado711 on 8:35 PM 10/16/2018: So, I'm not quite sure if I'm doing it wrong but the format seems to be ./(rev50programname) but even if I feed it a fake password and break at the main method of the assembly, it just immediately tells me my syntax is incorrect and to try again

tornado711 on 9:55 PM 10/16/2018: Nevermind, I misunderstood something disregard my last comment

arnish on 8:08 AM 10/20/2018: what is the password??

kuroguro on 8:54 AM 10/20/2018: Read the FAQ...

abc123me on 5:54 PM 10/29/2018: Great crackme, took me an hour to solve becuase I had to learn Cutter for Radare

revivalfx on 11:43 AM 10/30/2018: I chose this one as my first crackme. It has no instructions and other than patching the executable I'm not sure what to do. Is that even allowed?

ScarPunk on 5:40 PM 11/03/2018: Nice m8 i crack it!

puddl3glum on 8:50 PM 11/06/2018: @revivalfx Patching is ez mode (not hard to patch a jump to the success message). Try to figure out the right password or the characteristics for correct passwords. It's there if you look :)

revivalfx on 3:18 AM 11/07/2018: @puddl3glum facepalm! I didn't see it until I stepped through it with radare2. Then went back to IDA and shook my head that I missed it. Thanks.

surx on 9:17 PM 11/17/2018: Cool, that was the first crackme I tried.

MaksLoboda on 2:45 PM 11/18/2018: A simple and fun introduction to reversing

doni on 8:42 PM 11/19/2018: This is awesome as an introductory challenge. Thank you

Terminal_junkie on 12:55 AM 11/26/2018: So think I Cracked it but the flag is whatever I put in.. Is this wrong? output: "Nice Job!! flag{hi}"

nz4r on 4:00 PM 12/11/2018: i don't know how to do it :(

silencedogood on 4:44 PM 12/13/2018: @nz4r I would recommend watching live-overflow's binary hacking tutorial and really study what he's saying. This is a relatively easy challenge as long as you put some thought into it.

bahha on 11:01 PM 12/17/2018: Thanks, I had a lot of fun figuring it out. the check if an argument is given and its length were obvious at each cmp instruction, but that last cmp that jumps to "nice Job ! " was trivial . I was looking for the source of that 0x40 value. after trying different arguments I figured it out, that add 0x4 got me . I had to use an ascii table :) .

mosh on 6:27 PM 01/15/2019: really enjoy it, thank you

cmasterisk on 1:51 PM 02/26/2019: i literally laugh when i saw it. @_@

amrul03 on 5:48 AM 03/10/2019: "

BLZ on 5:11 AM 03/19/2019: I've found at least two different passwords that can work.

chankruze on 11:18 PM 03/21/2019: It my debut to CTF world. I am happy that i captured the flag. And here millions of flags.

fhomolka on 8:34 PM 03/27/2019: Not going to lie, got me very confused at first, but when it clicked in my head I just bursted out laughing. Think horses, not zebras.

w4tch_d0g on 2:37 PM 04/07/2019: Learning RE for the first time and i must say this challenge was an easy one

everystone on 10:50 AM 04/23/2019: Great, perfect for a beginner

JoshUK on 4:49 PM 04/24/2019: This was fun for a beginner

m3hd1 on 3:09 PM 05/23/2019: that was fun, a pen and paper are your best friends.

igogo on 9:25 PM 05/29/2019: Ghidra sudo-code reveals all simple logic and password. if (sVar1 == 10) -- password has to be 10 characters long. Same character repeated 10 times and then the actual character listed as well a couple lines later with ==.

neighborino on 11:02 AM 07/21/2019: Thanks for taking the time to make this, I learned a lot

Saket_Upadhyay on 4:24 PM 07/30/2019: this was my first Linux binary reverse. good for start

jazzlikepro on 11:19 PM 09/17/2019: Awesome my first crackme and got the flag, can't stop smiling.