BinaryNewbie's Yet Another Keygenme/Crackme



4:04 AM 09/14/2019


Unix/linux etc.


As the title tells, a keygenme challenge, but this time is a bit more complicated... I'm waiting for your solution. Good luck.

unc4nny on 3:50 PM 09/25/2019: Hey what did you do with the file? I'm thinking you purposefully corrupted it. How did you do it and how do I work my way around it?

BinaryNewbie on 5:24 PM 09/25/2019: Yes, i corrupt it. I used a custom head screwer to do it, but when you understand how it works, it will be easy to patch it, in order to get a disassembly view.

unc4nny on 7:14 PM 09/25/2019: Okay, I'll look into that, thx!

BinaryNewbie on 8:17 PM 09/25/2019: You're welcome. If you have any other doubt, feel free to ask me. Also it's header screwer and not head screwer kkk, my mistake above.

unc4nny on 1:16 PM 09/26/2019: Hey man, I think I've found what I need to do, but I'm no familiar with this technique is there anyway I can contact you so we can leave this discussion out of the comment sections?

BinaryNewbie on 2:50 PM 09/26/2019: Yes, my email is:

newbie_student on 2:32 PM 10/01/2019: i'll give solution, but while busy main idea, that the remainder of the division was zero and then will good msg )

BinaryNewbie on 3:42 PM 10/01/2019: You're fast man, aahah, well done

wannafight234 on 3:46 PM 12/04/2019: The real bother is only fixing the header, rest everything is cool, by the way, nice challenge @BinaryNewbie :)

SYS_V on 4:38 AM 01/18/2020: Solution and write-up posted here: