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11:07 AM 07/18/2019




DragonCrack a C++ Crackme with an RPG_Style story-line. You have to escape the dungeon and retrieve the key. There is a Dragon in the dungeon that fights back by casting spells upon you ( anti-debugging techniques ) there is a twist at the end and you will discover that the key was always you knew already. Hope you like it!

chevyopala on 2:07 PM 07/26/2019: Password?

juansacco on 8:04 AM 07/30/2019: zip password:

unc4nny on 5:18 PM 08/11/2019: Nice one, when i saw your program loading the name of my computer i thought you was bamboozling me into sum malware weird shit lol. That was really funny. But, can you tell me what VMDetection() means and what it was doing? I kinda had to hardcore get through it lol

juansacco on 8:51 AM 08/12/2019: @unc4nny Here is the VM detection for VMWare used on this crackme: All the protections on this crackme were implemented in a way that could be bypassed by setting as in example in IDA something like: SetRegValue("ZF,0x1/0x0) __try { __asm { push edx push ecx push ebx mov eax, 'VMXh' mov ebx, 0 // any value but not the MAGIC VALUE mov ecx, 10 // get VMWare version mov edx, 'VX' // port number in eax, dx // read port // on return EAX returns the VERSION cmp ebx, 'VMXh' // is it a reply from VMWare? setz[rc] // set return value pop ebx pop ecx pop edx } }

k3eloxx on 8:30 AM 11/26/2019: is it possible to bypass vm detection in a vm without patching?

l0Zich on 2:33 PM 01/01/2020: does editing registries and flags count as patching?