kawaii-flesh's keygenme



9:03 AM 07/09/2019


Unix/linux etc.


Goals: 1) Find key for your nickname 2) Write keygen Have fun!)

BinaryNewbie on 8:38 PM 07/16/2019: Done. I will upload the solution soon.

Banthar on 8:17 PM 07/17/2019: Fun keygenme! You can kinda cheat it though. ### POSSIBLE SPOILER ### Since you got full control over argv's, you can force the shift to remove all calculated bits (if LSB is 0).

giving_mayer on 12:50 PM 07/26/2019: I forgot the length of the executable had a ./ before so it increased the length by 2... Nevertheless a quite easy crackme.

Ephoria on 1:29 PM 08/20/2019: Got it !

markoto on 3:03 PM 09/08/2019: @giving_mayer - I added the ./ and it is still giving me invalid key. But when I generate my key without the ./ and enter it in the debugger, it accepts it. Not sure where I am missing something.

markoto on 3:24 PM 09/08/2019: Somehow I have gotten my keygen to work. In the debugger the absolute path of the file was included in the calculation. However, when the program is not run inside the debugger, it only considers its filename plus the ./ when calculating the length.