ker2x's Guild hall adventure Ch.3



8:16 PM 07/05/2019


Unix/linux etc.


Chapter 3 is already online (nobody completed the chapter2 yet) ! Some dirty tricks but it's not fundamentally difficult. If you're stuck i suggest you check the man of the function i'm calling. I don't want to work... but a Chapter 4 is planned already.

BinaryNewbie on 8:12 PM 07/11/2019: Hey @kerk2x, is it the final output ? I feel your pain, you went this far and failed this check. Now you have to do it all over again I'm pretty sure it's a major pain. I know i wouldn't want to do it since the chapter is finished anyway Feel free to skip it. But you'll miss the bonus prologue and congratulation.

BinaryNewbie on 9:12 PM 07/11/2019: Nice and weird crackme, after a long debug session, i could achive the output: Wow, you got it right ! Was it blind luck ? Was is your first try ? Okay, bonus for you If you like this story, it's a modified version of a light novel called "Lazy Dungeon Master" There is a manga too apparently I'll try my best to go sideway and write my own novel inspired from the original. I'm not a good writer and english isn't my main language Ah... i don't want to work PS : congralutation ! Thnx for the crackme.

ker2x on 4:37 AM 07/16/2019: Congratulation :)