kawaii-flesh's Crackme not main



4:41 PM 07/01/2019


Unix/linux etc.


Goal: Find the right keys Have fun!)

Antricks on 7:52 AM 07/05/2019: I don't know if I got it right. After putting in the right (I suppose) key there's no "Good Key!" output, even though strings says there's a "Good Key!" string. Instead there's a second scanf. Is it programmed to output the "Good Key!" if the strcmp returns 0?

kawaii-flesh on 4:54 PM 07/05/2019: Antricks, If you received a string of "Good key!" you're on the right track. And remember that crackme is not important!) P.S.: If you have any more questions, you can write to me

SYS_V on 6:14 AM 07/06/2019: as far as I can see, there is nothing in the crackme that shows how the files were encrypted. I tried XORing them together since they are the same number of bytes but the output looked like nonsense.

kawaii-flesh on 4:08 PM 07/06/2019: SYS_V, For "xor" I used this program - And don't forget the hint in brackets)

juansacco on 8:01 AM 07/10/2019: Cracked it using IDA Pro and got the key "1785". After the initial call to scanf there are 4 more after that, and indeed prints "Good key!" if you got it right.

kawaii-flesh on 4:06 PM 07/10/2019: after correctly solved crackme should appear a new file(this is a continuation of the task)

juansacco on 9:23 AM 07/11/2019: kawaii-flesh: Yes on my case I did got the file: CNP.7z. I have enjoyed your crackme, keep them coming!

SolitudeSF on 10:02 PM 08/05/2019: there is no ...___ morse character. is it really correct?

markoto on 2:21 PM 09/11/2019: This crackme can be a Level 2.

phant0master on 1:40 PM 12/26/2019: 1023457969WNFL

Nohus on 6:27 PM 01/21/2020: Very fun! To people thinking they solved it because they got the "Good key" output: this is not the end. The actual challenge is just starting when you get the "Good key" output. :) [SPOILER WARNING] The flag is 1413567809. I was actually stuck the longest at reversing the morse code audio, only after figuring it out I understood why the file had "REV" in the name, duh!