ker2x's guild hall adventure Ch.2



4:26 PM 07/01/2019


Unix/linux etc.


Friendly greetings ! This chapter is a tgz because it include the chapter1. it turn out the version i uploaded wasn't the final version and was missing one challenge. Thank you to everyone who submitted a solution and made me realize my mistake. I also added a README but most of the stuff, help, (mis)information, tips & (dirty)tricks are in the binary. Have fun

ker2x on 8:17 PM 07/05/2019: Chapter 3 has been submitted, it should be available this weekend. With a much longer story. good luck

Leon on 10:46 AM 07/08/2019: Quite interesting. (plz don't report me to the church...)

ker2x on 5:21 PM 07/09/2019: Don't worry Leon the church is cool and just a front, it's actually managed by Dungeon-core onee-sama. (jump to chapter 3 and the upcoming release to know more about it)

ker2x on 5:25 PM 07/09/2019: Thx SYS_V for submitting a solution. Ghidra is a real pain for cracmes writers, i use too. I think my original source code is harder to understand than the ghidra output :D I have to find a way to trick ghidra while still making the challenge very-easy or, at least, easy.

BinaryNewbie on 1:39 AM 07/11/2019: @ker2x, i think that i solved this crackeme, if the final output is something like that: BWAHAHAHAHA BAKAAAAAAAA !!! 0x5dd614a4 is super totally wrooong ! Segmentation fault (core dumped) ... ho damn, that's right... WHY ? To be continued... (you really succeded but i'll kill you anyway. don't worry, you'll be fine) Falha de segmentação (imagem do núcleo gravada) (same as segmentation fault, because i'm brazilian xD)

ker2x on 4:36 AM 07/11/2019: yes, it's the real success final output

BinaryNewbie on 3:23 PM 07/11/2019: @ker2x, i submit the solution.

BinaryNewbie on 3:23 PM 07/11/2019: @ker2x, i submit the solution.

ker2x on 4:42 AM 07/16/2019: Good job ! thank you for submitting your solution :)