ker2x's guild hall adventure Ch.1



3:58 PM 06/23/2019


Unix/linux etc.


Friendly greetings ! It *should* be very easy (hopefully). It's a 2 step adventure. I didn't hide anything, didn't try to obfuscate anything. The code might be a little confusing with some branching and a bunch of check and verbosity. But it's good old C that's not trying anything tricky. I'm planning to write a full text adventure that's impossible to solve without disassembling, for fun. =^_^= Please let me know what you think. it's hard to evaluate the difficulty of disassembling when you already know the C source ...

ker2x on 7:53 PM 06/25/2019: chapter 2 is almost completed :)

ze3lex on 4:07 PM 06/26/2019: Nice one, I liked it :)

ker2x on 4:34 PM 06/26/2019: thx

ker2x on 3:59 PM 07/01/2019: Thx to everyone who posted a solution. the chapter 2 is still planned of course. Almost done (but i just discovered this game dota underlords...)

ker2x on 6:49 PM 07/04/2019: Chapter 2 is online and include the chapter 1 (because it was missing a challenge, i uploaded the wrong binary version)

csgo on 8:22 PM 07/08/2019: what are the passwords

ker2x on 5:29 PM 07/09/2019: Yay ! 4 solutions

ker2x on 5:29 PM 07/09/2019: Chapter 2 and 3 are online and i already have the main challenge idea for chapter 4 :]