toaster's VIP_access_me



1:38 PM 06/13/2019




This is a console application where you want to find a way to access the vip membership. The thing is, that you are not in the vip membership unless your name is on the vip list and you have the vip code of the person. Anyway, if you succeed, you'll have a simple art image on the screen! good luck! And oh, by the way, the code may be encrypted there.

toaster on 5:36 PM 06/16/2019: By encrypted code i meant the VIP code

HN1 on 5:51 PM 06/16/2019: I found the vip code! Name: joe Vip code: f5gz51xyxy6ggj96j1mlgz21j

HN1 on 5:54 PM 06/16/2019: Very easy crackme! Well anyway it was interesting! So thank you for another crackme!

HN1 on 6:24 PM 06/16/2019: Name: monkey Vip code: iyi922jyjyjy2o6gd2l6g89x6

toaster on 7:38 PM 06/16/2019: Thanks! The reason why I posted it is because I couldn't do it by myself. I'm using x64dbg, im a beginner, and when im debugging the file I managed to find only the input string, initial names and vip codes but not the decrypted codes. Can you explain how you found it in the solutions/comment please?

HN1 on 7:48 PM 06/16/2019: This function 00401AA0 is responsible for encryption and decryption of the VIP key. And so, you put breakpoint on the address of the function 00401CF0 and in the EDX register the address will be not encrypted code, then go to the dump, and there after the execution of the function 00401CF0 in the dump you will see how the code has changed.

cqpwx on 3:28 PM 06/24/2019: joe f5gz51xyxy6ggj96j1mlgz21j nick bac468i2fxctzvrfm55eqx0qe monkey iyi922jyjyjy2o6gd2l6g89x6 dmitry kyjfq318ryygbtm927bqd7a78 leonard elwf6492ql0n27y4gx7d354g6 But only joe and monkey works?

qwertzuiop on 7:33 PM 07/01/2019: what is the password for to extract the file???

qwertzuiop on 7:33 PM 07/01/2019: what is the password for to extract the file???

gerbik on 2:56 AM 07/09/2019: Why are there so many functions in this program? There are over 2000 functions, but it looks like most of them do things like check for exceptions or do very small operations like moving registers around. Is this IDA not functioning correctly or just the a byproduct of the compiler?