D4RKFL0W's D4RK_FL0W-3.5



11:02 AM 05/19/2019


Unix/linux etc.


A few extra functions this time plus minimal uses of classes

b3n on 1:00 AM 05/24/2019: This was a good one that was somewhat straight forward and easy to solve when stepping through with a debugger. However, without the debugger i think it would be more of a challenge. I think I need to spend some time looking at the disassembled code to see where the special numbers are coming from, because it wasn't clear on first glance. Thanks for the crackme.

prc777 on 8:22 PM 06/06/2019: Okay so, I tried getting the password by brute force since the range is known as the input is a 4 digit number. The password was partially achieved by using 'expect' scripts to automate the task of giving input. Unfortunately, neither Terminals do not support search in terminal scroll-back, hence one has to use binary search kind of approach to close in on the password!

4NONYM4U5 on 4:42 AM 06/13/2019: I could bypass the password check but could not figure out the algorithm used to check the passcode...i am eagerly waiting for a solution so that i could understand the algorith used in it..can you please upload a solution :

SarkastikRival on 8:51 PM 07/06/2019: Nice challenge. Not too bad once you find the functions where the password is originating from. I'm still a beginner, so I'm a bit unsure on how that function is actually being called. Glad it was still possible for someone new to figure it out with a disassembler though.

mrT4ntr4 on 11:32 AM 10/08/2019: An easy one, solved it using Ghidra :) TBH it should be a level 1 crackme tho. Thanks for it D4RKFLOW