l2l3's Crack or Keyme #1



7:24 AM 04/20/2019




Written in old c compiled on old gcc, some fun stuff to learn, and some decent beginner traps. overall this can be patched (test your patched file), keygenned, or you could self keygen... also there is room to play with buffer/stack overflows.. Hope you find someway to enjoy this crackme. VirusTotal Scan:

Xor0 on 4:31 AM 05/05/2019: Solved. Thank you for a nice crackme. Lot of FPU stuff to learn and the way you loaded and called the functions.

HN1 on 11:32 AM 05/05/2019: Name: HN1 Serial: 4827249

HN1 on 11:34 AM 05/05/2019: Very simple crackme in my opinion. ================================= Name: HN1 Serial: 4827249 =================================

HN1 on 11:35 AM 05/05/2019: I'am from is Russian!

srajith on 1:53 PM 05/10/2019: how to im a complete noob plz help me

ifyGecko on 9:59 PM 05/10/2019: Good challenge! Username: ifyGecko Serial: 44707895

garesidie on 5:45 PM 05/15/2019: The hashing is really nice for newbies, I liked this integrity checking stuff presented in code. I managed to do all 3 steps: crack/keygen/self-keygen. But what is the fun with stack overflows? Just to crash the applicaton? I'm a little bit new in this scene...

coyote_0x90 on 2:47 AM 05/28/2019: username: coyote_0x90 serial: 55300355

coyote_0x90 on 3:23 AM 05/29/2019: I tried embedding a self-keygen by patching the executable with ollydbg. The assembly code is available here:

OriDamari on 3:58 PM 07/26/2019: Username: OriDamari Serial: 46030920 It was fun. Nice to learn static reverse engineering of FPU instructions.