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8:24 AM 03/19/2019


Unix/linux etc.


Simple crackme, no patching, just figure out the password

xoru on 4:07 PM 03/19/2019: Potential spoiler ahead! Fun! I found two ways of solving this one; * Run it through the likes of IDA64 and Ghidra, whereas Ghidra helped me with looking past mangled names. Like this, the steps the code makes were good to follow and the password could be constructed. * Run it in gdb and break at the comparison in the (I don't want to spoil anything) function that verifies things; then I simply displayed the second parameter register. On a sidenote, how on earth do I submit a solution?

exhumer on 6:48 PM 03/19/2019: @xoru follow the solutions tab beside the comments tab. they provide the instructions.

b0b501337 on 9:44 PM 03/19/2019: Is part of the challenge cracking the zip file? I can't find the password. Was more interested in learning x86 disassembly and re than password cracking.

xoru on 12:19 AM 03/20/2019: @exhumer thank you, I didn't notice it was a clickable entity. Cheers! @b0b501337 You will find the password in the FAQ, it's (and if you encounter a crackme in which that password does not work, use

Loz on 12:53 PM 03/31/2019: @xoru good job! if you want check out the level 2 i just posted

defghij on 12:05 AM 04/20/2019: Thanks for posting this. As someone beginning to learn RE I really enjoyed this.

Sn0kr45h on 12:34 AM 05/02/2019: This was a fun simple puzzle. I used a technique similar to @xoru, but using Hopper v4. Unfortunately Hopper doesn't demangle C++ names, but it does allow you one to see in the pseudo-code where you are currently debugging. I'd definitely thumbs up this crackme for beginners like myself.

pwn on 8:22 AM 07/29/2019: zip file is password protected what's the password to unzip