D4RKFL0W's Easy_firstCrackme-by-D4RK_FL0W



9:59 AM 03/17/2019


Unix/linux etc.


First crackme i've written, let me know what you think in the comments.

P5YCH0x on 3:34 AM 03/21/2019: it was a little too easy.

timotei on 8:43 PM 03/22/2019: This one is a good start for newbies. It can be solved by looking at the disassembly. The solution is not well hidden :-)

D4RKFL0W on 10:37 PM 03/22/2019: Thanks for the feedback i'm uploading a new one that's a little bit harder, not too much though. Its still a beginner crackme

meXORher on 3:07 PM 04/27/2019: Can you provide a solution? It is the first crackme that I tried. I figured out that the result in the `checkPassword` function needs to be 0x00000001. Further I see that the password is constructed at runtime inside the while loop. But I struggle to understand the content of the while loop and on which stuff the reverse iterator is applied. Based on the chars in the Assembler code I thought the password is something like carddeck but that didn't work.

yukinoshita47 on 5:37 PM 05/23/2019: Nice try i learn something new from this