weissi1994's crackme-not



11:26 PM 01/31/2019


Unix/linux etc.


This is the first crackme i ever created, also the first piece of asm code i ever wrote, as you can take from the name, it grew from a hello-world example. I still would rate it as difficulty 2 since most level 1 crackmes are kind of obvious to solve once you open them in some debugger.

zer0sun on 7:06 AM 02/04/2019: Please enter your name: 1234 Hello 1234 Enter your Password: 6789 Great H4x0r Skillz! use gdb to debug the program,'crackme' just compare the username & password with number 5

zer0sun on 8:58 AM 02/04/2019: as a beginer,this is great,tks~~

tanmaybhushan on 7:43 PM 02/12/2019: It has a bug or may be that was the intention, it loops over the length of password, not over the length of username. Please enter your name: hello Hello hello Enter your Password: m Great H4x0r Skillz! Don't see any place to upload solution

Uzernem on 8:18 PM 02/12/2019: @zer0sun Don't post the solution in the comments, post it in the solution.