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2:06 PM 01/11/2019




Try to make a keygen, or fish a serial. Patching not allowed :D

K2000 on 11:15 PM 01/14/2019: I can patch it to jump to "You got it buddy!" but i can not find the correct serial. A video tutorial would be nice.

K2000 on 11:25 PM 01/19/2019: Windows 10 is blocking it. It won't run.

K2000 on 11:26 PM 01/19/2019: Upload one that is not treated as a virus.

s4r on 4:37 PM 01/20/2019: Dude you just have to disable Windows Defender and it'll works. Don't ask authors to reupload their crackmes

GautamGreat on 12:52 PM 01/21/2019: The algo is perfectly reversable. Here is working key sets. Name : GautamGreat Key1 : UIKZK-Y6LN7-KMCKA-DPW7N-XTLQZ Key2 : VQJZC-N4AX8-8E4QI-3BBEL-M2ZP6

K2000 on 7:27 PM 01/21/2019: Looks like the Windows serial numbers. Maybe that's why Windows Defender is blocking it. LOL

K2000 on 3:15 AM 01/22/2019: How do i know which branches need to be taken in order to have a valid serial ? There are way too many branches.

K2000 on 7:20 AM 01/22/2019: I tried your serials and single stepped through it with F7 but it crashed with an error. Is it because Windows Defender or it's something else ?

GautamGreat on 10:36 AM 01/22/2019: Which debugger are you using?

K2000 on 7:57 PM 01/22/2019: When it crashed i was using x32dbg. Then i tried ollydbg2 and it didn't crash. I think Windows Defender kicked in on it's own again. After being turned off for a while.

K2000 on 8:34 PM 01/22/2019: It's completely stuck at address 004F2172. 004F2172 | 8A07 | mov al,byte ptr ds:[edi] It's either Windows Defender screwing around again or it's a bug in the program. All breakpoints were removed and it's still not running. In x32dbg. Running as Administrator. |

K2000 on 8:47 PM 01/22/2019: Never mind my last post. I was debugging the wrong file.

K2000 on 10:35 PM 01/23/2019: Single stepping through it with F7 in x32dbg gives Access Violation at 013BB236. 013BB236 | 396B D8 | cmp dword ptr ds:[ebx-28],ebp |

K2000 on 10:42 PM 01/23/2019: Name: Alan Key : AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA Gives access violation at 013BB236. If you single step with F7 through it.

Anish on 9:18 AM 01/24/2019: Gautam Great ur really great bro i need to learn lot of things from u will you tech me please..

GautamGreat on 9:43 AM 01/24/2019: Seems problem with x32dbg, Use ollydbg instead, it is more stable.

K2000 on 3:16 AM 01/26/2019: I can't find the serial number. This is not level 2. More like 4 or 5. Too advanced for me.

GautamGreat on 10:12 AM 01/26/2019: I don't know the difficulty, admins should decide it.

ryancor on 7:53 PM 01/27/2019: The only solution submitted was kind of bullshit, no proper write up, just giving some random DLL and EXE, that didn't even work. As for the challenge, it actually seems like a fun freakin challenge from what i've done with it so far but this isn't a level II, the amount functions used and algorithms needed to reverse for key checking alone makes this a III or IV. It would be really nice to see a write up on this kind of challenge though, don't know why this is not a thing for authors to post.

K2000 on 2:41 AM 01/28/2019: Starting brute force search... Found solution after 16104 attempts. Name: KeygenMe#2 Key: FGg94fiCVgFSCtna0Jw64BGJkSVtm This says "You Got It Buddy". There are supposed to be 5 groups of 5 characters separated by a dash. 4 dashes + 25 characters. It's not clear why is it working. There are no dashes in the generated key. Can you guys include the source code for this ?

K2000 on 2:57 AM 01/28/2019: The solution submitted by B3LYP definitely works. You just have to copy and paste the key exactly how it is. No dashes. It's not clear why it's working but it does. Starting brute force search... Found solution after 36495 attempts. Name: KeygenMe#2 Key: Xincq09HcWZIb04q7kXt8w2MUeG4u

K2000 on 3:04 AM 01/28/2019: Can you guys include the source codes for this ? Please ? Thank you in advance.

K2000 on 3:57 AM 01/28/2019: Here are a few keys found by the B3LYP key-gen: Name: KeygenMe#2 Key1: 0kxut6NCYUBJBIqGTRcIkMr5tZKzk Key2: um4ZgTeZHp0UDYjMDJ3rxReF8XlAg Key3: viMHQQAh7Vj7V613s5z6uDraZu3BZ Key4: vwPKI1xObJUFJdxwPu1xMZQ8hysal Key5: 42EKVDU4zQHAqzFL0ky9smhMkj8dd

Anish on 9:12 AM 01/28/2019: k2000 i challenge you bro to crack my software :D

Miracle5ky on 10:25 AM 01/28/2019: I reverse the algorithm (but it is encrypted by HASH). I tried brute force by python, running more 30M times, still no solution. I wonder how it's works by injecting DLL.

K2000 on 7:12 PM 01/28/2019: Anish , which one is your software bro ? Give me something simple to crack. This one is too advanced for me. They should include the source code in the solution so we can learn something.

Anish on 12:28 PM 01/29/2019: k2000 mail me at : we discuss there

K2000 on 10:10 PM 01/29/2019: Miracle5ky , can you make a video tutorial about cracking this using dll injection ? How do you code the dll injection ? The B3LYP key-gen works but he didn't include the source code or detailed explanations how to code it. Make a tutorial for noobs. I have a random key generator in C++ but i don't know how to inject it. Here is the code in C++.

K2000 on 10:13 PM 01/29/2019: #include #include #include using namespace std; const int MAX = 36; string RandomString(int n) { char alphabet[MAX] = {'A', 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E', 'F', 'G', 'H', 'I', 'J', 'K', 'L', 'M', 'N', 'O', 'P', 'Q', 'R', 'S', 'T', 'U', 'V', 'W', 'X', 'Y', 'Z', '0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9' }; string res = ""; for (int i = 0; i

K2000 on 10:17 PM 01/29/2019: How do i delete the last post because it's not displaying the C++ code correctly ?

K2000 on 3:36 AM 01/30/2019: Can somebody explain how to inject my randomly generated key into the program's ? I managed to create a key generator in C++ but i have no clue how to inject the result from it into the program's . Thanks. |

MrFreez on 8:52 PM 04/05/2019: patching is ok but too hard to keygen, any help to start a solution pls

AshVsEvilDead on 8:18 PM 04/08/2019: GautamGreat, the code that generates the key is easy to find. And the code that generates name is easy to find. But the algorithm that relates the 2. This keygen is more than reverse engineering. There is boolean math.

AshVsEvilDead on 8:18 PM 04/08/2019: GautamGreat, the code that generates the key is easy to find. And the code that generates name is easy to find. But the algorithm that relates the 2. This keygen is more than reverse engineering. There is boolean math.

GautamGreat on 11:38 AM 06/14/2019: Hi, @321test123, Thanks for testing my keygen me challenge. You were right there was a little bug in code of addition and multiplication. You keygen took so much time to generate keys, which is kinda unacceptable.

GautamGreat on 8:19 AM 06/15/2019: Nevermine I was trying it on python2, It is working pretty fast on Python3