Chaotic's TestObf



9:56 PM 08/26/2018




figure out the text you need to get the correct messagebox

Sir-_-MaGeLanD on 4:27 PM 09/19/2018: Password of winrar archive !!!

Chaotic on 9:19 PM 09/26/2018: password for the rar is

Moltivie on 9:26 AM 12/19/2018: Read the FAQ next time

K2000 on 3:49 PM 01/18/2019: It doesn't run on Windows 10 Pro. It says it is a virus. Try again i guess.

Hades.AKM on 5:17 PM 02/17/2019: Any hints to deobfuscate the code ?

Hades.AKM on 10:59 AM 02/18/2019: I can see the password comparing routine and deobfuscated all function and method, also anti-tamper, but i can't run through Main Form, almost get it

Hades.AKM on 5:10 PM 02/18/2019: solve. This One Is Really Nice One, I Can't Recreate The Original Exe Due to lack of packer knowledge, but i can restore almost all of code to deobfuscate and re write the program and take the flag. I would rate this one brainfuck for me. Anyway if you know how to unpack this one plz share :'(

ShapManasick on 5:14 AM 03/30/2019: Is there any way to submit flag?

Xor0 on 4:43 AM 04/09/2019: u 1337 hacker u cracked me :( This was a great learning experience. I'm still not %100 sure how i finally got that modified ConfuserEx off there. I'll post my solution if i can ever pass the reCAPTCHA

Xor0 on 1:40 AM 04/20/2019: I'm not spending 5 fucking days trying to bypass the captcha cause google hates tor. So, for anyone stuck on this, check out This should get you some pretty clean code after doing the normal ConfuserEx stuff. Also, if you are wondering about the seed for the key, dnSpy couldn't see it, but sae could. Hope that helps.